Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ultimate Gift.

Romans 8:32 Since God did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won't God, who gave us Christ, also give us everything else?

God gave us the ultimate gift. Himself. What greater gift can there be? God went all out for us...not even sparing His own son, how can we begin to think that God doesn't love us or think of us? What makes us think that we won't be taken care of? We are called to trust him. Right now I feel as though I'm sinking beneath debt. Get one card paid off then something happens and twice the amount gets put on. I've been paying for debt for almost two years and I feel as though I've barely made a dent. Some weeks I barely have enough money. And honestly I worry. I constantly worry about my financial state. Constantly doing sums, averaging payments or budgeting what little leftover money I have. I need to begin to trust God in this. Sometimes I'll compartmentalize my life and not even be aware of it. I'll give God the affairs of my heart, but not my financial situation. He'll take care of IT ALL. He wants that from me. He wants to take care of it and for me to let him. I'm grateful the Spirit reminded me of this fact. (seriously..just NOW realized it ^_^)

Romans 8:33 Who dares accuse us whom God has chosen for His own? Will God? No! He is the one who has given us right standing with Himself.

God is the God of justice. Thanks to Jesus we have been given right standing. God will not accuse us. The perfect Son has taken our place. We will be ushered into heaven with Jesus saying "It's ok Dad, she's with me"
He has given us right standing. HE DID. There is no verb by us. We have done nothing to deserve this. You can go your whole life doing and doing and doing for God and it won't even cover a speck of your sinfulness. God's grace is sufficient. And I am SO thankful it is.

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