Saturday, July 31, 2010

They entertain me...which is good because they're entertainers.

Of all the actors and actresses that I have stored in my rolodex of a brain. Of all the movies i've watched, the shows i've watched and the...well there's really nothing else for actors and actresses is there except for plays...i like plays but to my knowledge i've never seen these people on stage. These five people i will go see anything they're in, watch any show, and let a squeal of delight escape when i see their face
My Top 5 Actors/Actresses
(these are in no particular order...just the order that my brain thought of them)
1. Jane Lynch
This woman makes me ridiculously happy. I was surprised by her guest appearance in Psych as Chief Vick's older sister and she has continued to delight me with her surprise appearances (Best in Show and Julie and Julia)
She's has the Greg Kinnear effect on me and I love it.

2. Emma Thompson
She has captured my heart on more than one occasion but never more so than her character in Love Actually. I just wanted to hug her and tell her she is loved. She played my favorite character in Much Ado About Nothing and also was absolutely gorgeous in Sense and Sensibility (which is hard to do with Kate Winslet as a sister) I was surprised by her in Stranger than Fiction, definitely not expecting one of my favorite actresses to be in the movie. I also love that recently she has given up being glamorous in movie and portraying character like Nanny McPhee and Professor Trelawney. That is the mark of a wonderful actress

From the movie Gorgeous...i LOVE that movie
3. Jackie Chan
Do I really need to explain?? I've loved Jackie Chan since before Jackie Chan was cool. I remember as a kid watching "Who Am I?" and "Gorgeous" What ten year old loves Jackie Chan that much...i mean REALLY? I watched the cartoon and never one denounced my love of this amazing Chinaman. ---> from the movie favorite Jackie Chan movie

4. Alton Brown
yes...he's only on the food network but the guy is AMAZING.
"Brown notes that he was dissatisfied with the quality of cooking shows airing on American television, so he set out to produce his own show. In preparation, he enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute, graduating in 1997. Brown says that he was a poor science student in high school and college, but he focused on the subject to understand the underlying processes of cooking."
and that's why i love him =)

5. Greg Kinnear
this is where Greg Kinnear differs from the rest of my favorite actors/actresses. I never seek out Greg Kinnear movies. I never see a movie JUST because Greg Kinnear is in it. Greg Kinnear is always that special surprise waiting for me within a movie. And that, my friends, is the Greg Kinnear Theory. Every time Greg Kinnear shows up in a movie I always say "oh..Greg Kinnear...i LOVE Greg Kinnear!" You've Got Mail, Ghost Town, Stuck on You, and As Good As It Gets...just to name a few
Mystery Men (just thought of it) I saw that movie for William H Macy alone. Love it! Janine Gurfalo was a plus though


I'm reading a book right now where the characters are being chased by hundreds and thousands of these...
Imagine that busting into your farm and sword fighting with your dad.
(and in looking at the pure girly-ness of this blog he seems TERRIBLY out of place)

Silence in the Cage

This song has been stuck in my head for days on end. I'm not's a beautiful and wonderful song
Daisies and Sandalwood
by Steven Delopoulos

Silence in the cage
The structure persuades
But I look around to the orange bright sun
And hold up my breath
And think of the damage that's bound to become

An atone with dioxides and vomit these toxins
That's tearing these solids and giving it space
But seasons to give, she reached out in sorrow
And vanished the land
No past or tomorrow

And suddenly reeking of daisies and sandalwood
Children of peasants on bridges they stood
Look away from the fire and
This campaign of quicksand, this campaign of oil
Beating out of the land like a drum
Like a drum, like a drum

These days are infectious with fluorescent cars
And billionaires hung on the streets for the stars
And satellite projection beaming branches for the vine
In this cyber-world of dreaming, hoaxing water into wine

So, sing loud for the canyons
And soft for the parasites
And squeeze your spouses and children goodnight
And map out your futures and freeze-dry your food
And look for your reflection on a dime

Repeat Chorus

Giving you endless painted versions of your future and your past
And your busy troubled fortress will be stilled...
Upon the vast

Silence in the cage
The structure persuades me
But I look around to the orange bright sun
And hold up my breath
And think of the damage that's bound to behave

'Cause suddenly reeking of daisies and sandalwood
Children of peasants on bridges they stood
Look away from this fire
This campaign of quicksand, this campaign of oil
Beating out of the land to the One
 To the One...

If you get a chance look it up. I can't find it anywhere to put here. it's a beautiful song.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This thing called a Ferris Wheel

My new bookmark...YAY
I'm so excited about my new's a Ferris Wheel. I love Ferris Wheels. Why?
This quote:

'When I was little, I didn’t know what the purpose of Ferris Wheel was. It’s just slow and tall. But now, I kind of understand. This thing called a Ferris wheel is here so you can peacefully sit with the person you like and traverse the sky.'

I read this quote and my mind is taken back to the characters i love in that scene. It's from an anime (yes I watched anime) called Honey and Clover. My eyes soften and well up just thinking about it. So good. The main character said this and it stayed with me. Years have passed and this quote is still with me.
And when I go on my honeymoon one thing I want to do is ride a Ferris Wheel. I've yet to ride one or even see a Ferris Wheel. But I want to share that moment with the one I not only like...but love.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark

I've decided to write about why I love to read so much. I remember learning to read very clearly. But I loved books before I could even read. I had this book that my mother read to me so many times I memorized it and though I couldn't read (I think I was about 4) I "read" that book constantly, turning the pages and spouting off the words. As the daughter of a bookworm I naturally fell into the world of books. I remember reading the Little House books, The Giver, and numerous other books. In elementary school during recess I was usually found in the library...just to be with the books. So here are just some of the reasons why books are amazing...
1. I love knowing that somewhere, sometime, someone else enjoyed this book as much as I am. I think that especially with classic literature. It's a very "whoa" moment when you think that a girl my age probably sat in her garden or in a window with her petticoats about her reading this book and enjoying it just as much. That men and women's hearts and lives were touched by these
2. One of my favorites parts of reading is turning the page. When I have a good book my fingers rest under the page just waiting to turn it. Turning the pages, revealing more the story, more of the lives, more of the's just wonderful
3. I love the way a book transports me. It's like a Scotty with a binding. I can get lost for what seems like hours in a book, yet in reality it's only been 15 or 20 minutes. To feel like you're not only in the story but a part of it..that, my friends, is the mark of a good book.
4. I love how some characters stay with me. When I read the book again it's like visiting an old friend. To once again read the book with Clayton, a character I was in love with. To live life again with Delancey and  Mackenzie. To be right there with Angel as she struggles. To be with Jonas as he discovers color, war and snow. I could go on and on...but you get what I'm talking about =)

So those are just some of the reasons I love to read. It's a part of me and I hope to never stop.