Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our True Size

Every time we look a the cross Christ seems to say to us, ‘I am here because of you. It is your sin I am bearing, your curse I am suffering, your debt I am paying, your death I am dying.’ Nothing in history or in the universe cuts us down to size like the cross. All of us have inflated views of ourselves, especially in self-righteousness, until we have visited a place called Calvary. It is there, at the foot of the cross, that we shrink to our true size.”

— John Stott The Message of Galatians

Monday, January 24, 2011

just sitting here thinking...

For some reason all the things I want to do rushed in to my thoughts. I want to lose weight, I want to read more, I want to work out, I want this, I want that.
The only person keeping me from doing these things that would undoubtedly make my life better is me. I'm the only one standing in my way. It's really hard to shove yourself out of the way. Sad thing is I don't even know why. I guess i get right back into my habits without even thinking about it.
So now...I shall read (Ahab's wife..the book my mother has been trying to get me to read for YEARS) and tomorrow I shall hit up the gym after work for at least an hour. I have no reason not to. (really shouldn't have bought all of those clothes....although i can still fit in clothes i wore in high school and i'm 20 lbs heavier soo i think it will be ok.)
And lately I've been telling God to keep me out of his plans, I always tend to ruin them.
So here's to staying out of the way of God and myself. Cheers!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8th

once i can type with two hands i will have much to say about it
that is not why i'm writing this.
i made a discovery today
peach snapple equals a beautiful spring picnic for my tastebuds

i'm expecting my nobel prize at any time

Thursday, January 6, 2011

extremely blessed

i recieved my first broken bone last night!
it was a definite milestone.
my uncle, cousin and i were in a wreck and all that came of it was my broken hand (hence the lack of correct capitalization)
i am SO blessed, SO thankful, and SO sore.

this was written on 12-24-10

it is now 1-6-10........curse this stupid cast!!!

but i am STILL so thankful, so blessed and so sore.

Hello 2011!

I want to do a photo diary this year. I'm convinced this will be the best year yet!!
Last night was filled with reading this more than amazing book...and actually today was filled with it as well. An amazing book and an amazing blessing of a friend to share it with