Friday, December 4, 2009

What keeps people from God?

I was thinking today of an idea that keeps many people from a relationship with God.

That God is full of himself.
That God is egotistical for making being to praise Him.
That God is a puppeteer.
That God is just sitting back and doing nothing while his creatures destroy themselves.

I can see where many people would have these ideas. To the majority of the world this is what God looks like. I'm not going to lie, some of these thoughts have slipped into my head before. But I was thinking about it, thinking of ways to explain who my God is to others who are bound by the world's ideas.

My thoughts took a weird turn. Imagine making a table set. Chairs and a table for you to use. Then imagine them turning from you. No longer will they let you use them for what they were made for. It would hurt, your creation turning against you. It would be terrible.
God didn't make us to just praise Him, he doesn't need our praise. God is not full of himself, everything He does and lets happen is for the good of his kingdom and we are part of his kingdom therefore it's for our good.

God is not a puppeteer.

Yes, he does use us. He is above, through, and in everything. But like I said before He uses us for the good and glory of the kingdom therefore for our own good.

And lastly...God IS NOT sitting back and watching everyone destroy themselves. He is EVERYWHERE.

He is working. Battle lines are being drawn, spiritual warfare is happening all around us. He is with his troops, leading them to victory. He is hard and busy at work. But still takes the time to see how we're doing and listen to us..because the awesome thing about God is that he is not bound by time.

I'm starting to ramble...but rambling about God is fun. So thoughts this morning....which I'm posting this evening =)

and song of the day. One of my favorite. Sing by Sanctus Real. I really can't wait until that day. Video is not that great but the song is WONDERFUL