Sunday, July 25, 2010

This thing called a Ferris Wheel

My new bookmark...YAY
I'm so excited about my new's a Ferris Wheel. I love Ferris Wheels. Why?
This quote:

'When I was little, I didn’t know what the purpose of Ferris Wheel was. It’s just slow and tall. But now, I kind of understand. This thing called a Ferris wheel is here so you can peacefully sit with the person you like and traverse the sky.'

I read this quote and my mind is taken back to the characters i love in that scene. It's from an anime (yes I watched anime) called Honey and Clover. My eyes soften and well up just thinking about it. So good. The main character said this and it stayed with me. Years have passed and this quote is still with me.
And when I go on my honeymoon one thing I want to do is ride a Ferris Wheel. I've yet to ride one or even see a Ferris Wheel. But I want to share that moment with the one I not only like...but love.

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