Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter filled with too much food, too much family, and too much thankfulness.

My brother, Noah..and is epically tied tie!

My Easter was fantastic.
Learned how to tie a tie
Told repeatedly how small I am
Had my self esteem lifted in the fact that my sister and I wear the same size (she's 12)
Went to a church service with the people from my past
Remembered how AMAZING my Daddy's green beans are.
Ate so much dirt cake I shouldn't be alive
Watched my baby (he's 10..but will ALWAYS be my baby) ride through a massive puddle and succeed in covering himself in mud
Again reminded of how small I am
Talked to my uncle who is in Pennslyvania and isn't spending Easter with us for the first time in my life.
Went to church again with my amazing cousin/roommate
Ran into my friend, Maegan, who's very presence fills me with joy.
Worshipped and rejoiced with fellow brothers and sisters in our victory in Christ
Watched Jack and ate MORE dirt cake (seriously should not be living right now)

Epic Easter. ^_^

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