Friday, March 11, 2011

Free from Sin and Condemation

Today I’m taking on a MAJOR endeavor, memorizing Romans 8. Sojourn Community Church has broken down the chapter so that you memorize over the 40 days of Lent. Needless to say I’m pretty freaking stoked. Pretty sure it’s not normal to be this excited to memorize Scripture. Memorization has been an obstacle that I’ve been trying to surpass for a while now. It is one of those commands that I just passed over. But after memorizing some verses I find that years and months later those verses still come to me, ESPECIALLY when I need them.

I’m a tad late so I’ll be memorizing the first three verses today, which won’t be so bad.
Not only do I want to memorize this beautiful piece of Gospel, I want to meditate on it and hide it in my heart. So that is where this nifty blog comes in.

Day One: “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus”
Rom 8:1
This one sentence is SO powerful. You can’t screw this up. You can’t get on my bad side. You belong to Christ Jesus. We’re cool. I’m so thankful for this fact because if there were a way to screw this up…I would find it. But I can’t. I belong to Christ Jesus so there is no condemnation for me, in my past, my present OR my future. But as Paul says “Does this mean we should keep on sinning, NO!” My love calls me to obey. I strive to obey because I love Him.

Day 2: “For the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you through Christ Jesus from the power of sin that leads to death” Rom 8:2
I see it like this:
Power of Sin --> Death
Power of Spirit --> Life
Power of Spirit > Power of Sin
Hmmm…what to choose.
This verse is also a wonderful reminder to me personally. I struggle with many sins that I just can’t seem to get ahead of. The Spirit’s power is bigger than that, GOD is bigger than my sin. I can’t get ahead of it but God can. And He can not only get ahead of it but CONQUER it. Through Christ I. AM. FREE. Woot.

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