Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sprirtual Epiphanies Don't Mind the Time

Eowyn daughter of King Theoden.

Sometimes I think of God at the oddest times. Showers and driving are the most frequent. Today it happened while going down to my office. I had just showered and felt so clean and loved starting my day fresh ( LITERALLY!)
Then the idea of a fresh start with God came to mind. I should feel this freshness with God every day. A new day, another gift from God. Another day to experience His love and majesty.
Like washing away the dirt of the day before I should wash me of myself and bathe in the Spirit. Each day to be lived for God, not myself.
As Paul says we should die to ourselves DAILY. Get up in the morning and rid ourselves of our sinful nature and put on the armor of God to battle this crazy situation called life.
Two forces are at war around and within us, we just have to be aware and KNOW who we're dealing with and who's side we're on.
We are not only sons and daughters of God but we are WARRIORS.

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