Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Tree

I was walking to church one evening during a light spring shower. Soon I noticed that the raindrops had lessened considerably. I had walked into the shade of a tree. As I was walking God reminded me of a simple fact. He is protecting me from the rains of life. Yes a few drops here and there may fall through the leaves but I am safe from the true downpour of the rain because I choose to stand in his shadow.

I can always choose to leave but I know that when the downpour of life comes I’ll have no one to stand in front of it. Time and time again I return to the tree of Life. The One who carries my burdens as if they were His own. The One who knows my deceitful heart better than I do. The One who can change me but more importantly the One who died because of the love He has for me.

Such a simple reminder during a spring rainfall.

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