Friday, September 24, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

So....since I have to work so early on Saturday mornings I usually stay home Friday nights to rest up. Which HAPPENS to be the night my guilty pleasure comes on
 These guys are so awesome. They are basically complete dorks (and one guy who thinks he's all that) and they chase ghosts and when they encounter something the words "DUDE!" and "OMG" ring throughout the location.
  It's entirely too fun to watch
i have no clue why I love this show so much
"We decided we needed an adrenaline rush before the Lockdown...
so we decided to get in a pink boat"
 So these guys join me on my friday nights. 
And now i have friends who actually watch this show! Which is nice. 
Making fun of them with my brother and sister was getting a bit old.
So there is my guilty pleasure. The show that most don't like to admit they like. But these boys continue to amuse and entertain me.
i lurve them!

(ok! it's back on! yay!)

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