Monday, August 2, 2010

And She Remains

(Wrote this after my breakup of the last boy i dated...sad thing still rings true)

And She Remains...
He picked her up
Her cover was appealing
Attractive even
She seemed interesting
Her words inviting
He began to read
Savoring her words
Dreaming of the places she took him
Escaping his world to be lost in hers
He reread passages
Marked those he loved
He carried her with him
Went to her to pass the time
Brighten his day or just bask in her words
She was loved and cherished.
He read her cover to cover
Knew everything within her binding

He put her away
She had no more secrets
Her words held no surprises
She was put on the shelf
Tucked away into a tiny corner of his life
Kept in hopes of reliving the magic
And she remains, read by one
Never being loved by another

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